Alabama Late Surge inspired By Coach’s Promise of Pizza Party

Alabama Late Surge Inspired by Coaches Promise of Pizza Party


Pepperoni here we come!

At a timeout with only a few minutes to go, the Alabama coach promised the boys that if they won, he’d throw them a pizza party.

That was enough to inspire the fourth-seed Crimson Tide to outscore top-seeded 7-2 in the final 1:20. The final score was 89-87. In addition to a slice of pepperoni and a coke, the team advanced to Saturday’s regional final against Clemson.

Grant Nelson, who tossed in a go-ahead three-point play with, 38 seconds remaining, speculated on what they might get if they end up winning the whole NCAA Tournament.

“I’ll bet we get Nintendos,” Nelson said. “You want to be peaking in March and we’re peaking in March and I hope we get Nintendos.”

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