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In a shocking turn of events, the Divine Trinity, The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit,  that once captivated believers around the  world is now facing a major upheaval. The Holy Spirit, feeling overshadowed by the limelight constantly directed towards the other two, has announced their departure from the Trinity.

The Trinity, whose dynamic presence and unified as one God have long been a centerpiece of the Christian industry, is now fractured as one member bids farewell to their once inseparable companions.

Sources close to the group reveal that tensions had been simmering beneath the surface for quite some time. Despite their collective success, there had been growing discontent among the Trinity over what was perceived as an unequal distribution of attention and recognition. While the other two members basked in the adoration of faithful and garnered media spotlight, the third member often found himself relegated to the background.  

“I got sick of all the “God Help Me” and “I want to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”, the Holy Spirit said in a statement to open a news conference held at the gates of Heaven.  Nobody ever prays and writes a song about me, it is always God and his boy.

In a heartfelt statement read to the press, the The Holy Spirit  expressed gratitude for the unforgettable experiences shared with their fellow triad,  but cited the need to pursue individual aspirations as the driving force behind their decision to leave the Trinity..

“I will forever cherish the memories and the bond we’ve shared as the Holy Trinity,” the departing member stated. “However, it has become increasingly clear that my personal goals and ambitions are not in alignment with the direction the group is heading. Therefore, I have made the difficult decision to part ways and explore new opportunities.”

The announcement has sent shockwaves through both the believers and non-believers as the Holy Trinity is a major foundation of many religious beliefs.  The devoted are expressing disbelief and sadness over the breakup of the iconic trio. Social media platforms have been flooded with messages of support for all three members, as well as speculation regarding the future of the group without its integral Holy Spirit.

God released a statement through the arch-angel Michael saying,  “we are very saddened to see the Holy Spirit depart like this.  He is a member of us and we of him, I just don’t see how he is going to be able to make it on his own.  He will alway be welcome back into our group if he chooses to return.

Jesus was also caught by surprise of the announcement.  “I mean, we try to get him more recognition, but let’s face it, he doesn’t have the workload of either God or me, so he isn’t going to get the attention that we get.  So the day he goes down and gets crucified for man’s sins, then maybe people will start considering him their savior.

As the religious come to terms with this unexpected development, one thing remains certain: the departure of the Holy Spirit marks the end of an era for the beloved Trinity, leaving behind a void that will be difficult to fill.

The press conference held in a somber atmosphere, the departing member bravely faced the media and their fans to deliver the news of his departure. With a heavy heart and a sense of finality in his once booming voice, he addressed the gathered crowd, flanked by his representatives.

“God is always depicted as an old man, Jesus is the young handsome guy who suffered for mankind’s sins, but what do I get depicted as…a effing dove…what is that?  I am a spirit, dad dammit and I want to be represented that way.  It was cool in the olden days when I was a tongue of fire above everyone’s head, but you don’t even hardly hear about me now

As questions began to pour in from reporters eager to understand the motives behind the sudden departure, tensions quickly escalated. When pressed about the dynamics within the trio and whether they felt sidelined by the overwhelming attention showered upon the other two members, the departing member’s demeanor shifted, betraying a mix of frustration and hurt.

“It’s not about pointing fingers or assigning blame,” the Holy Spirit asserted, his voice tinged with disappointment. “This decision is about staying true to myself and pursuing what I believe is best for my career and personal growth.”

“Buddah, Krishna, Abraham, Moses, I can list a hundred guys who have done it on their own, there is no reason why I can’t do this,” said the Holy Spirit as many of the press questioned his ability to be a loving and benevolent God.

However, when further probed about the roles and behaviors of the other two members, a palpable tension filled the room. The  Holy Spirit’s eyes flashed with emotion of a storm as he carefully navigated the delicate territory of discussing their former collaborators.

“I won’t indulge in gossip or speculation,” they stated firmly, attempting to maintain composure. “My focus right now is on the future and the opportunities that lie ahead for me as an individual.”

Despite their efforts to remain diplomatic, it was evident that questions regarding the other two members struck a nerve, serving as a stark reminder of the underlying tensions that ultimately led to the trio’s dissolution.

“Look, I love God and Jesus to death, I always will, it’s just time for me to do this, said the Holy Spirit as he was trying to bring an end to the press conference.

As the press conference drew to a close, the departing Holy Spirit  thanked his devoted  fans for their unwavering support and expressed optimism about the journey that lay ahead, albeit one embarked upon alone. With a heavy heart and a sense of uncertainty looming over the future, he exited the stage, leaving behind a wave of speculation and sadness in their wake.

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