MGM Resorts Celebrates Bring Your Bowel Movement To Work Day

MGM Resorts rolled out the red carpet for a special occasion, “Bring Your Bowel Movement to Work Day,” celebrating the bond between employees and shitatic dumps. The resort transformed into a playground of imagination and exploration, with contest for the biggest, the cutest and of course the smelliest. . CEO Sandra Smith led the festivities, emphasizing the importance of comradery in the workplace. “Today is about fostering connections and inspiring openness to share your turds, shits and even diarrhea,” she remarked. “Lots of people don’t have daughters or sons to bring, so we wanted to have a day where everyone can share something we all have in common, taking a shit and showing it off”  With coughs and gags through the halls, MGM Resorts proved that work and play can happily coincide, creating cherished memories for employees and their bowel movements alike.

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  1. Bill Thakenthol

    The executive leadership team was too busy to bring in their own turds so they procured high quality turds from diverse sourced, hand-selected turd suppliers.


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