Teacher Appreciated By Administration

Vegas Valley Elementary School’s Teacher Appreciation week took a typical turn when Mrs. Emily Tully, a beloved third-grade teacher, received her token of gratitude from the administration.  Mrs. Tulley was completely underwhelmed  to find only a computer-printed thank-you card and a certificate for a free Wendy’s Frosty in her envelope.

Expressing her disappointment, Mrs. Tully said, “It’s not hard to believe, I put so much effort into nurturing these young minds, and this is the appreciation I receive? A mass-printed card and a frosty?”

The school administration cited budget constraints for the choice of gift but failed to quell the frustration felt by Mrs. Tully and other teachers.

Ms.Tully noted the last year’s gift on teacher appreciation week was not much better when each teacher was given a plastic water bottle and foam stress release ball.

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