University of Nevada – Las Vegas Unveils 2024 Football Schedule: Facing Off Against Nation’s Best

University of Nevada-Las Vegas Unveils 2024 Football Schedule: Facing Off Against Nation’s Best

In a groundbreaking announcement, the University of Nevada Las Vegas football program has unveiled its highly-anticipated schedule for the 2024 season, featuring a diverse lineup of opponents that promise to test the Rebel’s mettle on the gridiron.

The Rebel’s will kick off their season with an intense battle against the University of Michigan Wolverines on August 31, setting the stage for what promises to be an action-packed campaign. This clash against a storied football program like Michigan’s will provide an early test for the Rebels as they seek to assert their dominance on the national stage.

Following their matchup with Michigan, the Rebels will return home to face off against the Huskies of the University of Washington on September 7. The showdown against Washington will present another formidable challenge for the Rebels as they look to defend their home turf and showcase their strength against a tough opponent.

The excitement continues on September 14 as the Rebels embark on an matchup against the DC Divas, a women’s football team known for their competitive spirit and skill on the field. This game will offer fans a fresh perspective on the sport and highlight the Rebel’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity in athletics.

As the season progresses, the Rebels will face a mix of traditional college football powerhouses and opponents. Highlights of their schedule include matchups against Palo Verde High School, Devry University, and Gallaudet University, providing the Rebels with opportunities to showcase their talent against a variety of competition.

In a surprising turn of events, the Rebels will also square off against Hamburger University and Disney University in back-to-back games in late October and early November. While these opponents may not hail from the traditional college football landscape, the Rebels are prepared to approach each game with the same level of intensity and determination.

The latter half of the season will see the Rebels take on regional rivals such as the College of Southern Nevada and Nevada Reno, setting the stage for intense showdowns with familiar foes. The matchup against Nevada Reno holds particular significance as it is widely regarded as the Rebel’s biggest rivalry, with emotions running high whenever these two teams meet.

The Rebels will conclude their regular season with a matchup against Reno Truck Driving School on November 30 before heading to Sacramento State for their final game of the season on December 7.

With such a diverse and challenging schedule ahead, Coach Odem and his players are fully focused on the task at hand. “Every game presents a unique challenge, and we’re ready to embrace them all,” said Coach Odem. “We’re excited to showcase the talent and determination of our team as we compete against a variety of opponents this season.”

As the countdown to kickoff begins, Rebel fans are eagerly anticipating the start of what promises to be a thrilling and unforgettable season of football.


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